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Booked: 1969-12-31

*Please note that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty*

Surprised by the results!

I didnt expect much by putting my bond skip on this website but thought I would try it anyway.   After about four weeks I was surprised when I received a call from someone telling me exactly where to find my bond skip!  I asked  how they knew  to contact me and they told me it was from searching his name on Google and that led them to Slammerpics. I highly recommend other bondsmen to try this for your bond skips!

David Beasley
Owner of AAA Bail Bonds Raleigh, N.C.

Blown Away

I was absolutely blown away with my results after only weeks of posting my fugitive's pic and bio info on Slammer Pics! It wasn't long after the social media blast before high hot leads began to trickle in. Within a few days, a skip that had been on the run for over a year was apprehended. Until the development of Slammer Pics there had not been a useful online tool for the professional bondsman to wield the power of social media as a means of locating an absconder. The simplest and most genius feature is the use of anonymity through the internet. Your principal can never figure out who informed on them after their wanted status goes public. The anonymity fosters more cooperation and even encourages competition between informants particularly when is a race against the clock to collect some reward money. I'm glad someone had the vision to bring such an innovative and beneficial product to market for our industry. A professional in my line of work can't afford NOT to try Slammer Pics on their very next unreconciled forfeiture.    

Case Closed Bail Bonds, Raleigh, N.C.

Thank You

I want to thank . Every now and then you get that forfeiture that you just can't catch a break on . I was there so I decided to give a try in one week I got that call . Someone saw the site and gave me a call . The site definitely works and I'll use it again .  

Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Bail Bonds Wilmington NC