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This is the most popular app in Japan for earthquake warnings, offering a good early notification system (often faster than built-in phone options) as well as info on the quake’s epicenter and strength. . Coin lockers can be found at most train stations but they’re often full. In addition to the meaning, you also get the pronunciation in Latin script (known as romaji). Pros: Easy interface, provides nearest to location.Cons: Crashes more following recent updateAvailable on: Android and Apple. Episode 75: What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for Japan? If language learning isn’t really your thing, this app can be a fast way to learn the two phonetic alphabets: hiragana and katakana (not kanji, the Chinese symbols, although there’s a version for that too). This is the food bible of Japan, and while it is in Japanese, Google Translate/Chrome is your friend. 9 Best Free Apps for Japan Travel. TRAIN TRAVEL: What you need to know for before and after your arrival in Japan. Pros: Has offline map, autoconnects to nearest hotspots.Cons: Requires social media log-in.Available on: Android and Apple. Smartphones are the new guidebooks, translators and maps of travel combined—and in Japan, they’re pretty much indispensable. If you’re a keen linguist, you might be well on top of this already—general language apps like Memrise and Duolino are good for building vocab and basic grammar. If you’re already planning to use a Pasmo or Suica Card, firstly, well done, and secondly, why not app it up? Revel in a unique range of natural terrain. New country, new currency. There’s an app for that too …. Google Translate Tokyo is also offered in the collection. This makes it great for figuring out routes and getting to know Tokyo. Photo by Google, Hyperdia, Tokyo Metro and Suica. This is a great app for those who are at a beginner level of Japanese. Pros: Easy to use, allows personalizationCons:Source currency selection annoying to change Available on: Apple and Android. Restaurant Finder. LINE is good for adding new ‘friends’ you don’t necessarily want to add to your real-life social media (meta much). We suggest Google Maps to figure out where your nearest stations are. We gravitate toward them, because they have their ways making us being loyal visitors. While it’s not an app, another solid option is Tabelog, which is powered (mostly) by user reviews. Let’s start with the most obvious here. This app doesn’t work offline, which is odd as the regular app does. By Paula Froelich On 3/19/19 at 10:06 AM EDT. If you purchase from or sign up with some companies we link to, we will be compensated. The idea of navigating your way around Tokyo — with an area nearly three times the size of New York City — can be a little daunting. Some of the articles on this site contain affiliate links. The map function allows you to quickly find a hotspot, and the app can even be used in offline mode. . Bravolol provides text in both Japanese and English, as well as an audio button so you can actually hear how to pronounce phrases. Don’t want to lug your luggage around? It considerably helps you plan your trip to Japan because it offers you lots of information about tourist attractions around Japan, including must-try food and popular souvenirs that you should not miss. Looking for some loud fun during your time in Japan? You can set your location as well as threshold for notifications based on seismic strength. Sightseeing Information. Travel List. Japan is a cash-based nation and making sure you have some (and knowing how much) is key to having a good time. 9 Must-Have Apps To Download Now For Your Japan Trip 1. A single registration ... 2. Hotel Tonight This is our best list of cafes to go for wifi, so if you pair them up, you’ll be living the life of a well-connected and well-caffeinated riley. The app does have its perks, especially since booking reward nights after Nov. 27, 2019 on the website will incur a $5 charge — but not for reward bookings made on the app. Imiwa has writing and reading practice while Yomiwa has the camera app—those with iPhones can combine the two for a stacked version of Google Translate. Pros: Automatic sign in to hotspotsCons: Not as many hotspots (but still loads), poor user reviewsAvailable on: Android and Apple.

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