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Finally, the announcement came, and we now have a new full-frame mirrorless camera, specifically aimed at video professionals – the DC-S1H. Having Dual Native ISO translates into having a camera with a better low light quality. He shared with us some of his thoughts about filming with this combo and editing the 12-bit ProRes RAW footage in Adobe Premiere Pro: LUMIX Ambassador Steven Clarey takes you through these options and explaining examples, such as capturing 4K/60p footage in 10 Bit on an Atomos Recorder Monitor – also to give you access to other codecs, such as ProRes HQ ... but the S1H changes that. Order Links:eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'4kshooters_net-leader-1','ezslot_6',147,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'4kshooters_net-leader-1','ezslot_7',147,'0','1'])); Panasonic Lumix DC-S1H Mirrorless Digital Camera (B&H, Amazon). It was also the first Netflix approved mirrorless camera, despite Sony having had 4K cameras available for several years prior. The Panasonic LUMIX S1H is pretty similar to the LUMIX S1 in terms of photo capabilities. The rumors were somehow confirmed when a few months ago Panasonic itself teased the existence of such a device. To get this higher sensitivity, the camera’s sensor has a sensitivity switching circuit for each pixel. Panasonic LUMIX S1H - raw video news, and sample footage. Codecs offer up to 400 Mbit/s and are either All-intra or Long-GOP. A Vienna-based filmmaker Tamás Kiss did the test. In 6K Burst (S/S), S/S stands for Start/Stop and recording is started and ended with a press of the shutter release. This allows you to pre-select various project settings, such as framerate, resolution, codec and Hybrid Log Gamma and will then show only the matching recording modes. Newark, NJ (May 31, 2019) – Panasonic Corporation is proud to announce the newest addition to the LUMIX S series, the LUMIX S1H, a new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera equipped with a full-frame image sensor. Learn about Gamut and how SDR’s Rec.709 differs from BT2020/Rec.2020. Jacob shows you the relationship of V-Gamut to other colour profiles, such as Rec.709, Rec.2020 or Rec.2100, ensuring compatible to your destination project format or colour space. Then, you'll see in Final Cut Pro X how easy it is to recover a 4+ stops overexposed shot, and how to manage both HDR and SDR editing from Apple ProRes RAW files. The Luminance Spot Meter function allows you to see the luminance value of any area of the image in order to easily adjust exposure settings to monitor the consistent values in different lighting situations or set the exposure value quickly with a reference, such as a grey card. In this video, LUMIX Ambassador Jacob James will explain monitoring, transformation and creative LUTs and how to use them. Panasonic's new solidly built, professional-grade camera is a handful in more ways than one. This new body promises a lot of features and details that will make our life much easier. The S1H offers a full-frame sensor with up to 6K-resolution, has a sophisticated feature-set for professional cinematographers and offers anamorphic filming. Last week, Panasonic figuratively blew the doors off its competition in the pro video space with the introduction of the Lumix S1H. To support manual focussing, the S1H offers a customizable focus peaking option, magnification up to 20x and a punch-in to adjust focus on the spot. The S1-R, on the other hand, is dedicated to photographers. A week or so ago Panasonic announced the full specifications, pricing, and availability of their flagship full-frame mirrorless LUMIX S1H in Hollywood. Filmmaker and LUMIX Ambassador Nick Driftwood shows and explains the difference between Standard Dynamic Range and High Dynamic Range (HDR) and how to get the best quality output for Standard and HDR-Displays. It's a compact and affordable package if judged according to the standard of its broadcast-grade footage. Based on footage seen so far, the S1H is the winner here to me. Select from 35 conversion LUTs and artistic looks for VariCam and EVA1 cinema cameras. Recently, the 8K-shooting Canon EOS R5 … LUMIX ambassador Nick Driftwood takes you on a tour through LUMIX S1H’s tools to give you hand in setting your exposure correctly in V-Log. The controls, the interface and certainly the hardware have been built for video and cinematography, and the fact it’s also … From explanation of the native L-Mount-lenses to showing how to adopt the wide-spread PL-Mount-lenses to the LUMIX S1H, Jacob explains the options and when to choose which lens. As a direct consequence of the improved cooling, the camera doesn’t have a recording limit. What’s more, you can rotate and tilt the latter freely without the fear of moving or touching the cables connected on the side of the body. Photographers and filmmakers traditionally have different ways to determine the exposure of images, which results in having different terminology and handling. They will show you the in-camera settings for working with anamorphic lenses, how to adapt the Image Stabiliser for anamorphic shooting and how to de-squeeze the footage in-camera to give you a preview of the final appearance of your shots. By this, LUTs do the job of translating V-Log footage into the final look for your project. These models are equipped with the world's first *1 4K 60p/50p video recording function and the Dual I.S. Producing professional video oftentimes requires more than a capture device. Meet the Panasonic LUMIX S1H and let LUMIX Ambassador Jacob James give you a short overview of the most video-centric member of the S-Series family.

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